The Brief

Bring a new and fresh face to for users and developers was going through a rehaul to match Skype's new rebrand and had several parts to the site to update. Skype's consumer users need a site that can help them troubleshoot issues. The Skype support section of the site was out of date and needed a UX and visual update.

With an expanding developer program, Skype needed a site better able to cope with the growing demands of its external partner developers. This required an exploration phase, looking at different concepts from sketches, wireframes, prototypes through to final website. itself was going through a rehaul and as part of a multi stage design process now needed all the designs to be stitched together into the new branding template. A full prototype meant that Skype's leadership team could finally approve the full new web experience for Skype, before official development began.

Skype Support

I put together a series of wireframe investigations into the support pages, looking particularly at how users navigated around content and searched for help. The old site had a lot of information that was confusingly laid out, so I began disecting the elements of the pages and realigning them.


Skype Developer

I carried out a full investigation spec into how other developer websites were designed, with a particular focus on Android's latest developer website aimed at both designers and developers. I felt the Android site best expemplified clarity and great visual design.

From there, I began creating a layout and prototyping these. I tested the prototypes with developers as this was essential to ensuring that the designs were simple enough to push developers through the complex process of signing up for and downloading the Skype SDK and APIs.

Wireframe Prototype

After a year of visual exploration and several iterations, the design team needed a prototype to help drive the new visuals they felt worked for Skype. I prototyped the new website putting together the new visual style together for the first time.

From this prototype the Skype executive team were able to finally sign off the visuals and go ahead with full scale development.